Two of Len's more recent sculptures include a portrait of Noah's Bagels founder and a white dove bearing the Hebrew word "Shalom" meaning Peace.

Total Knee Replacement

One of his entries is a sculpture of a total knee replacement that includes a surgeon's hands. It is carved in a pepper tree wood. "The emotional aspects of the carving is not just one of the total knee, but the joy the surgeon gets when the total knee replacement fits and moves perfectly," he explains. "That's why the hands are incorporated in the sculpture."

To simply say that many orthopaedists take their hobby seriously is an understatement. For many, their hobby is a vocation that often leads to a perfect retirement niche.

Recently retired, Leonard Gerstein, MD, takes pride in handing out his business card. It reads "Len’s Wood Creations, Skill of a Surgeon — Heart of an Artist."

I’ve been in practice for 30 years, but a woodworker for 50 years–ever since I was a little kid, found a knife and began to whittle," says the Santa Cruz, Calif. Orthopaedist, who also carves and sculpts in other media.